Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Great Night at Eagle Point Baptist Church

What a wonderful evening I had this past Sunday night at Eagle Point Baptist Church sharing and singing songs off my new album called "Safe Harbor". The students there at The Loft listened to my songs and what I had to share with an open heart. Thank you to my longtime friend, Mark Lumpkin for making this night happen. Make sure to check back often for upcoming events that will be scheduled in the next few weeks. Join us on this journey.


  1. Very nice, Brandon! I'm very proud of you and wish you much success in this new chapter of your life as an artist! You are AMAZING!!! :) - Brandy

  2. Great job the other night uncle b ;)!! God is blessing u in this work that ur doing for him. I'm so proud to call u my uncle! Ur an amazing man. Keep up the labor and hard work bro.